Simmons partner advises on Romania green policy rethink

THE ROMANIAN government has appointed Stephen Tromans of Simmons & Simmons as its consultant adviser as part of a comprehensive review and overhaul of environmental legislation.

Tromans, a partner and head of the environmental law department, forms part of a team co-ordinated by Harvard University's Institute for International Development.

The institute is funded by the US government to assist Romania in development.

Troman's task is to advise on the compatibility of proposed legislation with EU and other international requirements and to co-ordinate action on the framework of the new legislation dealing with environmental assessment and industrial projects.

Troman said: “I am delighted to be involved with such a well-known institute and to be involved in a project that will hopefully result in some lasting benefits for the environment in Romania.”

The remit involves advising on the drafting of permitting regulations under the new general Romanian Environmental Protection legislation passed in 1995, and advising Romanian Ministers and regulators in Bucharest.