Manchester firm's phantom bookkeeper gives up the ghost

A white, genderless ghost was keeping a close eye on the bookkeeping practices of Manchester-based firm Otten Penna & Co, before being asked to leave by the local priest.

Partners Guy Otten and Jai Penna called on Reverend Greg Foster for help when they discovered their bookkeeper had been troubled for six months by a phantom figure, strange noises, rattling blinds and the mysterious movement of files.

“It was a figure in white that looked over her shoulder,” said Otten.

“She never turned around and looked it in the face – she couldn't bear to do that.

“We thought maybe it was a trainee bookkeeper.”

He apologised for his joke, but went on to point out that the firm's building was once a fish shop.

“We also thought it might be the dead soles.”

Otten and Penna did take the bookkeeper's fears seriously and were grateful to Reverend Foster holding a prayer of peace in their premises.

“The fears were very genuine and our interest is to have a happy work environment for our staff,” said Otten.

He said the bookkeeper was a sensible, mature woman, who delayed telling of her unwanted supervisor for fear of being labelled “batty”.

“She now feels a lot happier and more settled and she's not reported any further incidents,” he said.