Financial advice at your fingertips

Fidelity Brokerage's Investment Adviser Group has unveiled an investment management service.

Visionplus is the only package dedicated to the financial adviser in the UK. It offers comprehensive client account information, email to Fidelity and on-screen trading at the touch of a button.

The system links the user directly to Fidelity Brokerage's in-house dealing system and trades are executed by Fidelity dealers. It is being extended to provide a range of services, including market information, investment data, and pension and tax planning.

Visionplus runs in Windows and can be integrated with advisers' existing systems. It costs £100 a month.

Fidelity Brokerage is one of the two largest discount stockbrokers in the world. UK sales director, Matthew Ives said: "We are looking to provide a one-stop service that will be useful to any law firm that provides financial advice."