Olswang's IT director departs

Elizabeth Davidson reports

Olswang IT director Stephen Dreyer has left the firm with no job to go to after more than two years at the firm.

Dreyer left the firm last month after a restructuring of the firm's IT department. The terms of his departure are the subject of a confidentiality agreement.

However, The Lawyer understands a mutual agreement was reached that he should leave.

His position will now be jobshared between Tim Hyman and Clive Knott, who have been promoted from their IT manager positions.

Hyman has responsibility for management and operations and is in charge of overall IT strategy within the firm. Knott has responsibility for development and training.

Both directors are directly responsible to managing partner John Akerman and partner Tim Westhead, and indirectly answerable to the firm's 11-member management executive which consists of Akerman, heads of department, directors of human resources, finance and business development, and other partners.

Olswang director of human resources Malcolm Lewis said that the firm decided to jobshare the position to create "clearer lines of accountability" and greater "balance" within the department.

The position was given to Hyman and Knott to ensure "continuity" at the firm, he added.

Lewis said Olswang was advertising the positions vacated by Hyman and Knott and expected to further expand its eight-member IT department, where restructuring has "been under discussion for some time."

Olswang is the second firm in as many weeks to announce the job-sharing of its IT director post. Last month Allen & Overy revealed its decision to share responsibility for managing IT within the firm between two senior technology managers.