Litigation Personal Injury 10/3/98

Rowlingson v Bennett QBD 17 October, 1997

Claimant: Robert Rowlingson, 43

Incident: Road traffic accident

Injuries: Claimant, a police sergeant with the Essex force had been manning a speed trap when he was hit by a car. It is estimated he was thrown some 35 ft. Insurers for the defendant accepted he had been 87.5 per cent to blame. As result of injuries which included fractures of left leg and dislocation of shoulder claimant had to leave the police force. He now carries out chauffeuring work and clerks for a firm of solicitors. He cannot play football with his children and a gentle round of golf is said to leave him in acute pain.

Award: £204,653

Judge: Mr Justice McCullough

Plaintiff's counsel: Charles Rush

Plaintiff's solicitor: Russell Jones & Walker, London W11

Glackin v British Midland Airways QBD 17 October, 1997

Claimant: Anne Marie Glackin, 5Incident: Air crash

Injuries: Claim by widow of Kegworth air crash victim on behalf of herself and her 26-year-old daughter. Father of six, David Gerard Glackin, a 51-year-old electrical contractor died in the crash. Liability for accident was admitted but contended that damages should be reduced as Glackin's body showed liver damage so advanced he would not have lived into old age. Claimant and deceased had separated and it was argued that he would have provided little support to his wife and daughter

Award: £11,18Judge: Judge Anthony Thompson QC

Plaintiff's counsel: Kieran May

Plaintiff's solicitor: Field Fisher Waterhouse, London EC3