City lawyers act up in court

Tulkinghorn is always sad to lose hacks from The Lawyer newsdesk, and the lovely Caroline Davies was no exception. Obviously, Tulkinghorn was concerned she was a mentalist when she made a move into PR and has since been talking to Harley Street's top head doctors about a cure. It was to his great relief, then, when it recently came to his attention that Davies has actually been doing something productive. It turns out that Davies is to tread the boards to raise money for Children with Leukemia. Her new acting career is in line with a strong tradition at Theodore Goddard to encourage the thespian hidden in every lawyer (IT lawyer Nigel Pilkington, for example, is a professional actor). Dame Davies will shortly be appearing in 12 Angry Men – although perhaps this production, directed by Blake's 7's Sally Knyvette, should be more accurately named 10 Angry Men and 2 Mad Women. Other cast members in the Lawyer in Action production include such legal luminaries as Employment Tribunal head Sir Michael Burton, defamation lawyer David Price and a host of other lawyers and barristers from the City. Tulkinghorn hopes that Davies will remember him in her acceptance speech at the BAFTA awards next year. Mind you, it's not the first time the starlet (or is that harlot?) has had a brush with fame. She was initially plucked from obscurity by Dennis Potter to appear with a Slaughter and May senior associate in Cold Lazarus. Sadly, she ended up on the cutting room floor. Tickets are fast selling out (and all profits go to the charity Children With Leukemia), so to reserve your seat please call Caroline on 07740 949062.