IBA women call for Net advantage

THE IBA's new women lawyers group should have its own web site so women lawyers from all over the world can communicate with each other, according to its founder.

Over 200 women lawyers gathered for lunch at the IBA conference in Berlin for the launch of the group, set up by Dianna Kempe, who has just been elected to serve a second term as IBA secretary general.

Kempe, the IBA's first female office holder, told the assembled women that she had been delighted by over 120 letters from women members who could not attend but who were interested in the group.

And she asked women to write to her to offer themselves as representatives for the group in each country.

She said: “I hope as many of you as possible will have an email address. I believe if we set up a site on the Internet we can communicate internationally and relatively cheaply.”

Kempe also said she wanted the group to build a register of all the women's associations in the world to be available for the use of members.