Tulkinghorn: Wine fella

After seven years as joint head of chambers, it is time for Blackstone’s Ian Mill QC to stand down. So what does a workaholic do when he finds himself with some spare time?

Absolutely shameless: things have gone downhill for Mill since he took the wine gig
Absolutely shameless: things have gone downhill for Mill since he took the wine gig

At the Inns of Court, Tulkinghorn has ­discovered, one joins a local club. Tulkinghorn can reveal exclusively that Mill is the newly appointed chair of the Inner Temple Wine Club.

Given his repertoire for being able to quaff ­quantities of Château Petrus, it seems only fitting that Mill should be given a new title, so the new chair is to be known as Master of the Wines. Tulkinghorn raises a glass to that.

Spoke like a true barrister

Journalism lesson number one: beware absolutes. Tulkinghorn enjoys few things as much as a ­bicycle-related spat, ­particularly when they ­feature QCs, so he is ­grateful to Christine Kings of Outer Temple Chambers for pointing out that a recent story about Martin Porter QC (author of the Cycling Lawyer blog) is not the only silk on two wheels.

“[Porter] was quoted as saying that he’s fairly sure he’s the only QC who races a bicycle,” writes Kings. “Andrew Short QC of Outer Temple Chambers is a cyclist who has ­regularly competed in triathlons (including ­Ironman Austria) and he is currently the reigning champion of the Österlen Rundan cycle race in ­Sweden.”

At this juncture ­Tulkinghorn would like to add the following: “Nah nah nah nah, and indeed, nah.”

Kings continues (attempting to soften her clearly combative tone with an attempt at humour): “[Short] ­understood that it was a serious competitive race attracting seriously good competitors. Turned out that it was more of a ­Sunday afternoon outing with the whole family ­taking part. Anyway, he won. Record time. They were all really impressed.”
Indeed. Any more cycling silks out there? Bring it on.

Lotus and the elite

Keystone Law, known for its innovative approach to providing legal services, is also carving out a name for itself in ­competitive motoring.

One of the lawyers at the firm, Jaan Larner, recently took part in the Beaujolais Run along with Dom Pickersgill, general counsel at former Dragon’s Den-izen James Caan’s private equity house Hamilton Bradshaw. Larner, bless him, was happy to take along a copy of The Lawyer to add to the magazine’s reputation as the best-travelled legal provider of gospel inside-track information, comment, news (etc etc).

Keystone sponsored the Lotus Europa it raced in the event, which raises money for the Henry Surtees Foundation to support cancer care and treatment, as well as for the Air Ambulance Service.

Fare fight

Her hubbie has fallen on hard times thanks to the property ­collapse, so TV’s ’Princess Tippy Toes’ is now her family’s primary breadwinner. And with her TV work well past the days of her GMTV peak, it’s no wonder that Anthea Turner has turned her attention to new sources of revenue. Where better than that copper-bottomed hardy perennial the law, a certain source
of flowing funds for any brave soul who enters its gilded halls. Turner’s venue of choice? Brabners Chaffe Street, where she plies her trade as family law partner Lindsay Yateman. It might lack a certain telly glamour, but at least she doesn’t have to
work with Eamonn Holmes.