Sound of the underground

Apparently a number of lawyers have jumped onto the increasingly popular trend for podcasting. In case you didn’t know, a podcast is an on-demand radio-type programme in the form of an MP3 audio file that is downloaded from the internet and then loaded onto an MP3 player. According to Eriq Gardner of Corporate Counsel magazine, among the leading legal lights in this area is US firm Reed Smith IP lawyer Denise Howell.

Her podcast focuses on the different ways in which advanced technology can help lawyers on the job. However, according to Gardner there is one slight drawback: it sounds as though it’s coming through a tunnel. Why is that, wondered Tulkinghorn?

“Howell produces her podcasts by recording herself on a cell phone as she drives to work,” explained Gardner. “Happily for

Howell and her listeners, she manages to get it all in without causing a pile-up on the freeway.”