Lawson-Cruttenden in bid to stop peace campaigners ‘harassing’ arms makers

Tim Lawson-Cruttenden, the scourge of animal rights activists, has turned his attention to peace campaigners in a High Court case for EDO Technology, which makes weapons and weapon-related equipment for the US and UK governments.

EDO is attempting to prevent a group of peace activists from pursuing an alleged harassment campaign. It obtained a temporary injunction earlier this year.

On 4 November, the court heard submissions from 6 King’s Bench Walk’s David Perry on behalf of Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith on what constituted harassment. EDO applied to amend its pleadings to attach further defendants last week.

The campaigners claim EDO’s equipment is being sold to the Israeli government and used for illegal assassination, and that weapons sold to the UK and US governments have been used to commit crimes in Iraq. EDO denies the claims.

Moss & Co is representing most of the defendants, instructing Garden Court Chambers’ Stephanie Harri-son. Doughty Street’s Keir Starmer QC advised on the preliminary issues hearing.