Finger flingers

The 2005 Rock, Paper, Scissors International World Championship was held in Toronto last month. As more of a whist, backgammon and bridge afficionado, Tulkinghorn is mystified as to the nature of this so-called game, but is assured it is a wide-spread pastime, notably on the far side of the Atlantic.

It involves two players making simultaneous representations of the three named artefacts with a single hand. The winner, it transpires, is the player whose chosen item would do most damage to his opponent’s (scissors cut paper, rock blunts scissors and so on). A novel game, thought Tulkinghorn, practising getting his fingers and fist into the right shapes. What does it tell us about the state of the world that a Canadian lawyer – Andrew Bergel of Toronto-based Bergel & Edson – beat 500 other international competitors to the gold medal? Probably nothing.