AMA report blasts 'inefficient' CCT

COMPULSORY competitive tendering causes cuts in wages and conditions of pay and introduces a system of bureaucratic rules which divert attention away from improving services, a new report claims.

The report, written by the Association of Metropolitan Authorities assistant secretary, Lesley Courcouf, says it is becoming increasingly clear that CCT "does not and will not deliver efficient, value for money services".

The AMA has consistently opposed moves to place public sector services on the open market and the report claims there is no evidence to support the belief that blue collar CCT – soon to go out for the second round of tendering – has improved the quality of services to local people.

The report, approved in principle by the AMA's policy and public services committees, has been opened to member authorities and other bodies for discussion.

Courcouf, who recently visited the US on a CCT study tour, will publish a follow-up report next month.

"It is expected that most authorities responding to this will support getting rid of CCT," says Courcouf. "With blue collar work about to go out to tender for the second time, authorities are interested in looking at alternative ways of delivering services."

The report, 'Abolishing compulsory competition – improving service delivery", suggests establishing a new framework for the delivery of services.

It recommends local authorities consult residents to decide on service standards and publish an annual "service delivery plan".

Courcouf proposes the abolition of CCT and recommends introducing a statutory requirement forcing authorities to submit annual plans demonstrating how a "quality, value for money service" would be achieved.