Pullen the trigger

African wild beasts everywhere breathed a sigh of relief after the inimitable silhouette of DLA Piper competition partner and keen marksman Mike Pullen was seen retreating from the Kalahari horizon last week, gun and quarry over his shoulder.

The unlucky fauna that might make a posthumous appearance on Pullen’s Noble Street office walls following a recent safari hunt include two springboks, one hemsbok, a warthog, two wildebeest, one other antlered unfortunate whose name Tulkinghorn forgets and a zebra. Actually, the zebra is going to be refashioned for a colleague’s handbag, Pullen told Tulkinghorn.

Tulkinghorn was also quite alarmed at the news that Pullen had a fight with a black mamba. A live, angry snake, that is, which was unwisely was contemplating a light protein-rich snackette before dinner. Tulkinghorn knows who the safe money would be on, and Pullen didn’t disappoint, thwacking the serpent over the head with his rifle.