Napoleon bodypart?

Tulkinghorn has been lucky enough to be given a guided tour around Lawrence Graham‘s – sorry, LG’s – sparkly new building in Sarf Larndon. Although the firm has saddled itself with a confusing name (flatscreen TV anyone?) it has to be admitted that its Foster-designed newbuild next to Tower Bridge is something else.

Tulkinghorn says ‘Foster-designed’, but if truth be told LG’s managing partner Penny Francis had a fair bit to do with the look and feel – from binning the battleship grey in the halls to expanding the stairwells so that more than two skinny lawyers abreast could climb simultaneously.

Francis’s favourite innovation is in the lecture hall, where the electronic lectern rises and falls at the push of a button. Minutes of fun.

Tulkinghorn’s favourite, meanwhile, is a relic from LG’s former building in the heart of the City. Deep down in the firm’s basement archive a treasure trove of old private client contracts was unearthed, among them a copy of Napoleon’s probate, now on loan to a French museum.

For a moment Tulkinghorn misheard and wondered whether an earlier incarnation of LG had branched out into medicine, but was then assured that Napoleon’s prostate was somewhere else entirely.