Monkey nuts

Ever the art lover, Tulkinghorn commends Herbert Smith on its new acquisitions, which are prominently hanging in its client meeting room corridors. Such accomplishment; the brushwork hinting at the very quiddity, the very simian Sein and Dasein, of monkeys. The playful, nay diabolical, glint in the left monkey’s eye somehow undercuts the quizzical upturn of the head, while the monkey on the right sits, venerable and alone, and possibley slightly stoned.

And yet there are so many questions posed by the artwork. For are we not all descended from apes? In a moving reconciliation of Darwin and faith, the first monkey is turning his face to the light. And which is the third, hidden monkey implicit in the painting? Is it the one that sees no evil, hears no evil or speaks no evil? Is he running loose in Herbert Smith’s offices? Tulkinghorn posed all these questions to senior partner David Gold. “Actually,” Gold answered, “I’m planning to hang them in the room where we have the pictures of all the senior partners.” They’ve all gone bananas.