Linklaters signs multi-million pound outsourcing deal

Linklaters is undergoing an overhaul of its computer systems after it awarded a multi-million pound contract to IT outsourcing company Unisys.

Unisys is in charge of supporting and maintaining the magic circle’s global data centre and office server as well as storage infrastructure and Linklaters estate of computers and electronic devices.

The three-year contract, which began in March, sees the outsourcing business work across 23 of the countries in which Linklaters operates, including nations across Europe, Asia and the US.

Unisys, which has dubbed the deal as “a significant win” for its business, is to enhance the support given Linklaters employees around the clock in the three continents.

Simon Gilhooly, Linklaters’ technical systems manager, said that Unisys coming on board will benefit the firm’s employees due to the outsourcing company’s commitment to innovation.

Gilhooly said: “This relationship with Unisys provides Linklaters with a worldwide resource on which all our staff can draw as we continue to build and expand our global operations.”

Duncan Tait, vice president and general manager of Unisys Global Outsourcing and Infrastructure Services in the UK, said: “Unisys solution helps align Linklaters’ IT infrastructure with the company’s strategic business objectives and provides superior support for Linklaters employees.”