Law firm gets fat off skinny celebs

The size zero debate has had an interesting side effect. No, lawyers aren’t turning to Weight Watchers or taking dieting pills. In fact, one law firm appears to be getting fatter off the onslaught of libels against celebrities.

Media law firm Schillings has found itself battling the corner of stars such as actress Keira Knightley, star of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Last week (24 May) Knightley settled with Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the Daily Mail, after the newspaper ran the headline: “If pictures like this one of Keira carried a health warning, my darling daughter might have lived.”

In recent months Schillings partner Simon Smith has won settlements for Titanic star Kate Winslet after Grazia claimed she was visiting a “diet doctor” and Almost Famous actress Kate Hudson for a barrage of publications insinuating she had an eating disorder. If the press keeps up its current deluge of allegations, it is likely that Schillings will continue to pile on the pounds.