Frankie, Holly and a puppy called Funky

It’s 1984. Brian Cordery is 11 years old and has a Frankie Goes to Hollywood poster and a Welcome to the Pleasure Dome tape blaring out of the stereo in his bedroom.

Fast-forward 23 years and Cordery is a trademark partner at Bristows, sitting in court basking in the glow of a victory over former hero and ex-band leader Holly Johnson. See story.

Funny where life takes you.

Cordery’s clients are the remaining members of Frankie and the dispute is over ownership of the band’s name. To prepare for the case Cordery bought Welcome to the Pleasure Dome on CD and relived the ’80s in his car journey to work. No doubt he found it Relax-ing.

Reading around the case included Johnson’s autobiography A Bone in my Flute, in which Cordery found this gem: “Johnson has a poodle called Funky,” says Cordery, “so that when he gets on the furniture he can shout, ‘Get down Funky’.”

It’s this attention to detail that wins cases. Or gets you a restraining order.