Secret Service documents to be released

Dechert is to ask the Treasury Solicitor to hand over secret service documents relating to the prosecution of the former director of Ordtec John Grecian, who is suing Customs & Excise for more than £1m in damages for malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office.`Dechert senior assistant solicitor Lawrence Kormornick will bring the case after his client in another Arms to Iraq case, Ali Daghir, won a landmark ruling two weeks ago. MI5 and MI6 were ordered to release documents that could be crucial in his efforts to sue Customs & Excise for malicious prosecution and abuse of office.`In the Grecian case, Foreign Secretary Robin Cook used public interest immunity certificates to suppress the texts of four intelligence reports on Grecian, whose conviction for illegally selling military equipment to Saddam Hussein was later overturned.`Documents have been handed to Kormornick in summary form.