Hewitsons figures are bittersweet

Cambridge-based Hewitson Becke + Shaw has increased its turnover by only 10 per cent, while its profits soared by 35 per cent.`Last year profits per partner were £135,000, but partners can expect to be taking home an average of £193,000 this year. However, turnover figures are far more modest, increasing from £15-£16.5m.`A Hewitsons spokesman denied that the figures are incompatible, claiming that the firm had a good year. “The reason the increase in profitability is much higher than the increase in profits is that we haven’t increased our overheads,” he said.`Hewitsons lost intellectual property (IP) partners Ian Craig and Niel Ackermann to Dorsey & Whitney in March, but recruited John Berman from financial services company Hospital Savings Association to head the IP practice.`There are also plans to open an office in Oxford this year.