Dentons wins India ace from Hammonds

Denton Wilde Sapte has boosted its India Group by tempting top Indian lawyer DK Singh away from Hammond Suddards Edge.`DK Singh qualified in India and so is not able to join the firm as a partner. Instead, while he requalifies as a UK lawyer, he has taken on the role of senior adviser to the India group, which consists of 16 partners. He joins Gauri Advani, head of strategic planning for the group.`Singh was at Hammonds for three years exploring the Indian market, but looked to move soon after the merger that joined Hammond Suddards with Edge Ellison last year.`He said: “After the merger there were changes in the firm. A lot of my colleagues left and I too began to look for another firm with synergies in my area. Dentons had exactly the right fit. I had also heard and seen things to suggest that Dentons had done well post-merger.”`Singh was attracted to the firm’s strong international presence and believes he has a host of unique skills to bring to the firm.`”The Indian market is a rapidly developing one, mostly due to the growing economy which is increasing at a rate of 67 per cent per year,” he said. “This level is expected to be at least maintained, and could be exceeded. In addition, there’s a move from traditional services to the secondary and tertiary sectors, which requires lawyers.”`Singh said that there is a general increase in the professionalism of Indian companies which necessitates legal intervention. Privatisation will also lead to more corporate activity, such as mergers and acquisitions.`Dentons’ India group head Lynn McCaw said: “We’re thrilled to have DK join us. Together with Gauri, we will have a very powerful team and they complement each other well. DK has the best balance of West and East skills in India and his knowledge of the non-residential Indian market is very important.”