Launch of Tesco Law off-kilter in Scotland

‘Tesco Law’ became a reality this week with the launch of the supermarket’s online legal store. But in an embarrassing error, the company is referring customers looking for a Scottish lawyer to an independent website rather than the Law Society of Scotland.

Customers are welcomed to the Tesco site with the slogan: “Lawyers can be expensive – why not see if you can handle the problem yourself?”

They are then offered a variety of legal books and documents. There is also a ‘Jargon Buster’ section and ‘Find a Solicitor’ links, which is where the Scottish mix-up occurs.

The provision of legal services by businesses is one of the aspects of regulation being looked at by Sir David Clementi. chief executive Laura Wade-Gery told The Lawyer: “We’ll keep the whole thing under review. The underlying philosophy of Tesco Law was the idea of increasing access to the law, and that’s what we’re doing.”

The Law Society welcomed the service, saying it will encourage members of the public to seek legal advice. But the Law Society of Scotland was more cautious, urging consumers to go straight to a solicitor.