Hammonds targets Latin American with new alliance

Hammonds is making a play for the Latin American market with the launch of a referral alliance throughout the region.

The initiative, dubbed the “Latin American Desk” will be run out of Hammonds’ Madrid office and managed by Rafael Alonso, partner and member of the firm’s international board.

David Armitage, Hammonds’ head of international, said the move was aimed at attracting major Latin American corporates seeking to invest in Europe. Among the companies being targeted by the firm are Chilean copper giant Cadelco and paper and paper pulp manufacturer CMPC.

The network will see Hammonds work on a non-exclusive basis with a series of associated firms across Latin America, including Allende & Brea in Argentina, Tozzini Teizeira e Silva in Brazil and Grasty Quintana Majlis & Cia in Chile.