The ideas people at Milbank. Tony Blair may face legal action over his latest ideas on voluntary work. Pilotlight, a charity, is claiming that the PM stole its ideas for a Yellow Pages-style book of voluntary groups and schemes to encourage a more caring society. A Downing Street spokesperson said: "The PM has been big on the idea of voluntary work for some time."

England's green and pleasant land. The House of Lords, famed for its love of the countryside, has ruled that the villagers of Sunningwell in Oxfordshire can register a local open space as a village green and so preserve it from a housing development planned by the local church. Five Law Lords overturned earlier rulings which had blocked villagers' attempts to halt the church's expansion.

Hillary Clinton, who could be paying a visit to Arkansas if her old friend Kenneth Starr has his way. Starr has named her as a possible witness in the forthcoming trial of her former law partner Webster Hubbell who is charged with concealing their work on a fraudulent Arkansas land development.

Those who think judges are beginning to understand the issue of abuse. Handing down supervision orders on two young men who admitted indecently assaulting a 13-year-old girl, Judge Peter Larkin described the attack as a "game that went too far". "I put this down to youthful exuberance," he said.

The Appeal Court which was criticised by the Law Lords for allowing a divorced couple to continue their battle over money. Mr and Mrs Piglowski have run up legal cost of more than u128,000 fighting over assets worth only u127,400. Restoring the original ruling, Lord Hoffmann said: "Something has obviously gone badly wrong."