The legal profession is not normally a laugh-a-minute, so Tulkinghorn would like to extend his gratitude to Manchester firm Pannone & Partners, which has done a great deal to cheer him up with its – frankly – bonkers new website.
If your day is getting dull, go to the partner biographies on the site. After each standard CV entry there is a link to ‘the human face of Pannone & Partners’, which is where things get a bit surreal.
In this section managing partner Joy Kingsley reveals that she was educated “in a Scout hut on a Friday night” and that her hobbies include “sitting around and talking a lot” and “worrying about sitting around and talking a lot”.
Classy commercial property partner David Leviten tells us his best drink is an orange Bacardi Breezer, while uncharitable employment partner David Carmichael says his biggest dislike is “insolvent clients”.
Tulkinghorn does not have space on his page to give you any more examples. Go to if you have half an hour’s downtime.