The lawyer acting for the families of three of the UK Guantanamo Bay detainees has demanded the resignation of the Attorney General Lord Peter Goldsmith, unless he is successful in securing the men’s repatriation to the UK.
Louise Christian, a partner at civil liberties firm Christian Khan Solicitors, said the UK Government had “done a U-turn” in relation to the men’s fundamental human rights.
Writing in The Lawyer this week, Christian said the concessions announced recently by Goldsmith (that the men would not face the death penalty and that a UK lawyer would be allowed on to their defence team as a ‘consultant’) did not disguise the fact that the proposed military trial would “breach all international norms” for a fair trial. “We want their repatriation. If Goldsmith isn’t able to achieve this, he should resign.”
Christian is representing two of the first six people due to stand trial before a military commission. The firm is also demanding that partner Sadiq Khan, a practising Muslim, and Charter Chambers’ Stephen Solley QC, are granted access. No practising Muslim has yet been granted US security clearance. A fourth man was referred by Amnesty International to Christian Khan last week.
Goldsmith’s office said repatriation of the detainees remained under discussion.