Litigation Writs 29/7/97

Milton Keynes Borough Council and Buckinghamshire County Council are being taken to the High Court over claims that they have no power to levy a charge for connecting a development site at Wellingborough Road, Olney, to the public highway network. The writ has been issued by the residents, John and William Colson; Ivor, Betty, Gary and David Pibworth; and Norman and Rachel Wright. They seek a declaration that the councils have no power to levy a charge for connecting their site to the public highway network and damages for alleged repudiation of the terms of a conveyance to the county council of land for the construction of a link road adjacent to the development site.

Writ issued by Farrer & Co, London WC2. C183

A child is suing Avon Ambulance NHS Trust to make the authority produce documents about his journey to hospital. Lewis Bush, who is suing through his mother, Helen Bush, has issued a High Court originating summons in a bid to force the trust to produce documents relating to an ambulance journey from his home at Horfield, Bristol, to Southmead Hospital, Bristol, on 6 January 1993. The summons seeks, among other things, the production of all records relating to the boy's journey and the medical notes created by the paramedics relating to what happened en route. Summons issued by Hum-phreys & Co, Bristol.

GKN and GKN (UK), of Redditch, Worcestershire, are heading for a High Court showdown with the Costain Group and Costain Engineering and Construction. The GKN companies claim that in March 1995 Costain agreed to sell them more than 31 million shares in Kwikform Holding, at a price calculated by the value of Kwikform's assets. However, the writ says that on 24 April 1995 it became apparent to GKN that a value in excess of the current market value had been attributed to certain of Kwikform's fixed assets. The value of these assets is said to have been £3,792,000 rather than the £5,108,920 in the company accounts. On 1 June 1995 GKN sold all the shares in Kwikform to Bandt Holdings at a price, calculated by reference to a transfer value of the properties, of £4,449,000. The difference between the value of the properties in the 1994 accounts and the transfer date is £659,920. The GKN companies claim they are entitled to 40 per cent of the difference – £263,968.

Writ issued by Linklaters & Paines, London EC2.