Fat cats and doormats

I am not a lawyer but unfortunately have experience of the legal profession. Recent reports of Lord Irvine's comments on "fat cat" barristers really rings true when you become entangled in the legal system.

If the other side have top legal counsel you have to do likewise. If you do not, you are at an immediate disadvantage. Once you get involved the legal costs escalate and the only winners are the lawyers.

Lord Irvine certainly struck a chord with a lot of people and although the legal profession typically closed ranks and disagreed with him, the ordinary man on the street identified with the comments.

The Government makes the laws. Why should it set up a system which pays lawyers so well and hurts so many of those who have to use it? It is time the legal system became more consumer-friendly and less lawyer-friendly. Until someone puts their mind to that task, Lord Irvine's comments will continue to ring true.

P Evans