Meditation's what you need

Jones Day – what image does that name conjure up? Tulkinghorn would have said hard-edged, thrusting dealmaker types, but now he is not so sure.
It seems the smell of patchouli oil wafts around the offices and partners spend their spare moments weaving friendship bracelets for one another. Chairs are out and beanbags are in, with partners taking on clients on the strength of their aura. At least, this is what Tulkinghorn assumes from the news that the firm has started holding free yoga classes in its lunch hours to help unwind those stressed bodies.
Presumably, the partner in charge of the London office Robert Thomson, who is also an international litigator, now assumes the lotus position and asks the warring parties to hold hands and “chill out”. Alternatively, the firm is hoping that Barking Spice, aka Geri Halliwell, will volunteer to come in to perform her new yoga video for them all. What do you want, what do you really, really want?