Ladbrokes GC lays down the law to panel firms

Spurs fan Ladbrokes GC tackles panel firms where it hurts

Ladbrokes general counsel Jonathan Adelman chairs the Tottenham Tribute Trust, which helps former Spurs players who have fallen on hard times.

Next on his to-do list will be setting up a Panel Firms Tribute Trust after the former SJ Berwin partner slashed Ladbrokes’ adviser roster from 50 to 22 and inflicted widespread and innovative demands on members.

The most notable of these efforts was the demand for an end to hourly rates by 2015, confirming the increasing tendency for clients to demand fixed fees.

Adelman’s method for devising and executing the new panel was equally cutting-edge: he took advice on the procurement process from Olswang, in particular its head of business development Michelle Elstein, and appointed a non-lawyer to manage relationships with law firms, Jade Mcilveen.

The company also encourages panel firms to bill on a monthly basis and has used e-billing since its last review in 2010.

The gambling giant’s use of its procurement team’s so-called ‘supplier management system’ is understandable, given that the in-house department had half a million words in submissions to sift through, and Adelman insists it was a team rather than a computer effort.

And if the firms have any qualms, they need only bring them up at their regular ‘account meeting’ that will ensure “demonstrable delivery against a value menu”, in Adelman’s words.

A half-time team talk, if you like.