Hot 100: Shonagh MacVicar, Glasgow 2014

For Shonagh MacVicar (scroll down for video), head of legal for Commonwealth Games organiser Glasgow 2014, 2012 was a watershed year.


Not only did she and her team step up their work in preparation for the event, but the success of the London Olympics gave them a new energy to push ahead to 2014.

“All of a sudden it all became very real; all of a sudden we had less than two years to go,” says MacVicar, looking back to the start of the Olympics. “In 2013 a lot of our businesses will become operationally ready so it’s an important year for legal.”

Getting the legal team to this stage has been a long process. Having joined the organisation as employee number five in 2008, MacVicar’s department now numbers 13.

The team, which instructs Scottish firm Harper Macleod, has been working on contracts for everything from broadcasting to sponsorship and catering to uniforms.

MacVicar is clear about her highlight so far. “Judging the mascot competition,” she says. “It’s amazing for a lawyer to be involved in something creative, and for me that was unlike any other opportunity.”

What was even more special was that the UK-wide competition was won by 12-year-old Beth Gilmour, a swimming-mad Cumbernauld schoolgirl who has grown up on the games’ doorstep.