Hot 100: Michael Lazarus, 3 Verulam Buildings

Commercially astute and exceptionally bright, 3 Verulam Buildings’ Michael Lazarus (scroll down for video interview) appeared in the groundbreaking case being pursued by Russian bank VTB Capital against Nutritek International.


He led the battle right up to the Court of Appeal for defendants Marshall Capital Holdings, the only junior to do so.

Lazarus loves solving complex problems and the bar offers him the opportunity to put this passion to the test while getting paid for the privilege. “The intellectual challenge of sorting out problems is something that appeals to my mind,” he says.

In the field of IT law he is on a par with any silk, with the technical skill and ability to turn the most complex web of a case into winnable arguments. He is also well regarded in the highly specialised area of telecoms law.

He recently represented AstraZeneca in a dispute with IBM concerning the termination of a substantial IT infrastructure outsourcing contract.

Lawyers say he is easy to get on with and will always go that extra mile for clients. Thorough, tenacious and incisive, this is one advocate who more than deserves to be elevated to silk.