Hot 100: David Thompson, Moore Blatch

Moore Blatch’s managing partner David Thompson (scroll down for video interview) has been at the helm of the firm for the past seven years, having joined the firm 30 years ago.


During the last four of those seven years revenue has increased by 44 per cent – from £13.5m to £19.5m. This is no mean feat at any time, let alone during a recession.

This is largely because of the growth of its personal injury and clinical negligence departments, which Thompson separated from litigation five years after he became head of the department in 1995.

It had been in build mode until recently, meaning growth but no profit, but these two practice areas now make up around 50 per cent of the firm’s total revenue.

Thompson says: “It’s been an achievement but we need to get to the next stage of growth to be more regional, bearing in mind the impact of the Legal Services Act.”