Fiduciary and administration

Appleby’s Fiduciary and Administration group provides a broad range of offshore fiduciary services to high-net-worth individuals, private companies, funds and an array of global corporations through our affiliated companies.

Appleby has delivered creative and complete administrative solutions to our clients for more than 25 years. The companies are independent and wholly owned by the partners, working closely with Appleby’s lawyers when a client’s needs require counsel.

The group consists of motivated individuals from disciplines including legal, administration, compliance, accountancy, chartered secretarial and banking. Clients gain an integrated solution across service areas, whether in a single location, or across multiple jurisdictions. As the structures we administer can often have a multi-jurisdictional footprint, we are accustomed to liaising with professional advisors from around the globe and in dealing with the communication complications that can arise in such circumstances.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to the delivery of service excellence; this underpins all that we do. Whilst technical expertise is a given, we maximise the value and effectiveness of our client structures by offering a highly personal, client-focused and proactive service, and a fresh perspective. With no ties to any banks or investment houses, our team of professional specialists can select the best solution available. Our independence, combined with our commercial acumen, attention to detail and responsiveness, ensures we meet our clients’ needs on time, every time.

Our trust companies are regulated by the relevant local authorities in each jurisdiction.

Appleby fully understands and respects the need for strict confidentiality. Our clients can be assured their affairs will be treated discreetly and professionally at all times.

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