SPBG joins force with Law Centres group…

The Solicitors' Pro Bono Group (SPBG) and the Law Centres Federation are setting up a partnership to organise pro bono services across London.

A new scheme called LawWorks is being developed which will offer pro bono in each London borough and will be resourced by City firms.

The SPBG will act as a clearing house for solicitors wanting to get involved and will staff the project, while the Law Centres Federation will provide the premises and backup services.

Bob Nightingale, chairman of the Law Centres Federation, says: “We will try and get a core firm in each area. If we can get a minimum of 33 firms who will donate the time to organise the rota for one area, we will be able to get this going alright. We have spoken to between 30 to 40 firms already who are keen.

“There are enough lawyers to do it and they will do it if it's on their doorsteps – it just needs organising.”

The Law Centres Federation already organises four City firm surgeries staffed by lawyers from several London firms.