Berwin Leighton appoints director of business strategy

Berwin Leighton has appointed Howard Rosenberg to the new position of director of business strategy.

Rosenberg, who is not a lawyer, will be working closely with managing partner Neville Eisenberg to devise and implement the firm's strategy.

Rosenberg says: “I will be developing new products and services for the firm to be closer aligned in the marketplace. I will be looking at profitability and new services, identifying threats to our marketing position and presenting options to the board.”

The firm's online service, Be-Legal, is the kind of project he will be co-ordinating.

Rosenberg says: “Some of the things that go clear across the firm are complicated projects that can be fragmented or never get done. Having someone dedicated to driving the project forward on a day-to-day basis makes sure it gets done.”

Rosenberg has been with Berwin Leighton for 18 months. Before taking up his new job, he was a commercial executive advising the firm's PFI team on project management and financial modelling.

“This is just a natural progression from what I was doing there,” he says.

Eisenberg says: “This appointment reflects the importance placed by the firm's management on implementing our strategy, which is the basis on which Berwin Leighton will develop and grow over the next three years.”