…as College of Law sets up clinics

The College of Law is establishing pro bono clinics in all its branches – becoming the first law school to integrate pro bono into its teaching programme.

The goal of the clinics is to provide students with the opportunity to engage in pro bono work and get credit for it.

The college's chief executive, Professor Nigel Savage says: “Law schools have a key role to play in instilling and fostering a pro bono culture among their students.

“Pro bono experience produces students who are better equipped practically and professionally to meet the challenges of modern legal practice, including meeting professional obligations.”

The plan has been developed by Peta Sweet, the former director of the Solicitors' Pro Bono Group, and legal education expert Richard Grimes. It will build on two existing clinics in London and introduce clinics in Birmingham, Guildford, Chester and York.

Savage ultimately hopes to develop partnerships with other pro bono providers, including law centres and law firms, and work with other law schools.