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COVID-19 has put many businesses in a difficult financial situation

Although the Government recognised this by pushing the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 through Parliament to try and stem the inevitable wave of insolvencies, directors and owners cannot afford to take their eyes off the ball for a second.



AMOROUS emails could land office Romeos and Juliets in court. UK companies are cracking down on staff who send libellous or sexually explicit messages on their employers’ email systems, by implementing tough guidelines. Fox Williams partner Jane Mann says: “Companies are drawing up codes because without them, their chances of escaping prosecution for wrongfully dismissing […]

Lord Irvine's climbdown

OVER the past two weeks, the Lord Chancellor has been forced to retreat on two major areas of reform. The first was the forced reduction of his powers, and the second was the removal of family law from no win-no fee agreements. As soon as Lord Irvine’s proposals for conditional fees in divorce cases were […]

Electronic tagging starts

ABOUT 57 prisoners in England and Wales were released last week as part of the world’s biggest electronic tagging experiment. The Home Office expects 30,000 prisoners to end their sentences at home under the scheme. The Express

Small firms find clear route to convergence

Life in the world of business law firms is like a three-lane motorway. In the fast lane you have the five UK juggernauts, in the slow lane you find small, specialist practices, and in the overcrowded middle lane there is a blood-bath in the making. A number of IT law firms have been launched in […]

Lawyers steal IFAs' market

SOLICITORS are carving out a significant piece of the fund management sector for themselves, threatening the market share of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs). Association of Solicitor Investment Managers figures show the funds administered by its 50 members have doubled from £1.5bn in 1995 to £2.39bn in the last three years. With the typical management rate […]

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