Litigation Writs 1/3/99

Luton based electrical appliance giants, Zanussi and Electrolux Finance, face a claim for more than u100,000 over a fire which was allegedly caused by a defective washing machine. The claim has been launched by Ashok and Urmica Bhatt of Kenton, Middlesex, in respect of the fire which took place in November 1992.

Writ issued by Vizards, London WC1.

A widow is seeking rectification of a property transfer to exclude her step daughter from having an interest in the former family home. Vicki Kerby says in her writ that her stepdaughter reluctantly agreed to be jointly involved in purchase of the former council house in Rivulet Road, London N17 along with Kerby and her late husband. The stepdaughter's name was needed to raise a mortgage as her father was unemployed, and receiving industrial injury disablement benefit. The mortgage on the property was paid off using a life assurance policy, after the husband died from testicular cancer in November 1996, according to the writ. The writ says the stepdaughter never contributed towards the mortgage payments, and after the house had been purchased in September 1993 she asked her stepmother and father to remove her name from the title as soon as possible and left the home in July 1995. Now Kirby is seeking rectification of the transfer. She is also seeking a declaration over the respective interests in the house, a declaration that she is entitled to occupy the property to the exclusion of her step-daughter for so long as she requires the property as her home, and an account for half of the insurance policy proceeds.

Writ issued by Tyrer Roxburgh & Co, London N8

Wallingford, Oxfordshire man Peter Voss who was sacked from a u65,000 a year job with Thistle Hotels is now taking the company to the High Court. His writ says his contract was terminated from 1 September last year, and alleges that he had worked for the company since 1985 and should have been paid six months salary in lieu of notice. However, it claims that Thistle have refused to make any payment to him. Now he is claiming u32,500, with interest of u327.67 and continuing interest of u7.12 a day. In addition to the High Court claim he is also taking his case to an industrial tribunal.

Writ issued by Arnold Fooks Chadwick, London W1