LG evacuated as flood hits South Bank

LG evacuated as flood hits South BankLG was flooded after a burst water main caused havoc at its new state of the art south bank home at More London Riverside this week.

With the local substation out of order and its basement under two-and-a-half feet of water, LG told employees to stay away from the office on Monday and work remotely.

“It knocked out all our alarm systems and electricity,” an LG partner told The Lawyer. “We had less water damage [than other tenants] but supplies were not up-and-running,” he added.

Kitchen supplies and toiletries, which are stored in the basement, were damaged, but the firm was unable to estimate the cost of this. Telephone and data communications, however, were not affected: “For risk reasons they are never put in the basement,” clarified a spokeswoman.

By Tuesday the firm had set up generators to supply the building with electricity. and employees were back at their desks. However, some facilities were still affected with the staff cafe closed and the lifts out of order.

The cause of the disruption was a water main that burst at 9.30am on Sunday morning in neighbouring Tooley Street, SE1. This affected the entire More London estate, home to tenants including the two law firms, E&Y and the GLA.

LG’s neighbour Norton Rose did not experience any flooding, but the flooding of the substation meant that the firm was without electricity and people were encouraged to work from home.

“Basic facilities were covered by the generator,” said a spokesman, adding that some electricity circuits were affected. Car parks were also inaccessible, due to the presence of fire engines and local utilities in Tooley Street.

But the firm was happy to have made the choice to locate all its IT services, including email and servers, far away from the turmoil of central London in Uxbridge. “We invested £6m in that, it was money well-spent!” exclaimed the spokesman.