baby talk

Linklaters litigation partner Tom Lidstrom may have a baby face but Tulkinghorn feels that one of the UK’s leading private healthcare providers may have taken it a little too far.

Lidstrom received a letter from the provider reminding him that he needed to make an appointment for a hearing check-up. He duly obliged.

A couple of weeks later Lidstrom received a letter saying he had to be asleep for his hearing test.

Finding this slightly odd, Lidstrom called up to find out why this strange demand had been made.

The reply on the other end of the phone came: “Well, according to our records you’re four months old and so you will have to be asleep.”

Slightly dismayed, Lidstrom pointed out that he was not four months old, though the healthcare provider wasn’t having any of it.

Tulkinghorn has simply one question for the provider: why write a letter to a four-month-old child? Surely they are all on Facebook these days?