Lame excuse

Aren't training courses an eye-opener? When Simmons senior partner Janet Gaymer was on the couch as part of a management course, the psychiatrist told her: “I've only ever had a profile like yours once in my entire career.” Which got Gaymer thinking. The psychiatrist had talked earlier about some characters from even seedier walks of life than law. Aunty Val wondered whether her true vocation was in fact running a paramilitary organisation.

Seen in this new light, Gaymer's explanation for her recent foot injury looks shaky. She may say she tripped over her laundry on the stairs, but Tulkinghorn wonders whether she was in fact practising her commando rolls. She has been hobbling about on a crutch and has now progressed to a walking stick. The only trouble is that she has developed a habit of waving her walking aid at various people, one of whom thought he was about to come under fire from a secret weapon.