Hale and Dorr gets its pound of flesh

Hale and Dorr has settled its bizarre spat with a former secretary over the repayment of £750 – making the Red Cross very happy in the process.

The former secretary, who was mistakenly overpaid around £750 just prior to leaving Hale and Dorr, has agreed to reimburse the firm to the tune of £200.
As a result, Hale and Dorr doubled the sum and contributed the money to the Red Cross’s Iraq Crisis Appeal.
The emergence of the row raised eyebrows in
the legal sector when The Lawyer first revealed in March that Hale and Dorr had launched the lawsuit, signed personally by the firm’s partner-in-charge of Europe Joe Pillman.
Since then, both parties have agreed to settle. It is understood that the firm, represented by one of its partners David Andrews, requested that the former secretary repay the £200 in cash.
However, it is believed this was in order to speed up the process of having the judgment against the firm’s former employee lifted. A cheque takes three to five working days to clear.
Hale and Dorr declined to comment.