Eurojust, OLAF join forces to form elite fraud-busting unit

They have forged a memorandum of understanding (MOU) outlining their coordination, notably on the exch-ange of information, where both have agreed to inform the other “without delay of any information that concerns the other”. The deal also creates contact points, including OLAF’s Magistrates Unit, and foresees the two services in joint investigation teams for cross-border fraud cases.

The MOU, signed by College of Eurojust president Mike Kennedy and OLAF director General Franz-Hermann Brüner, commits both organisations to help each other “fight fraud, corruption or any other criminal offence or illegal activities affecting the EU’s financial interests”. It follows negotiations that have taken place since the middle of last year, following Eurojust’s creation in March 2002. OLAF will now be able to call on Eurojust’s high-level team of senior magistrates, prosecutors, judges and other legal experts.