Sayer calls for council meetings over the Internet

Members of the Law Society's ruling council could soon be conducting their meetings at home using the Internet, under a scheme being mooted by deputy treasurer Robert Sayer.

Sayer wants council members to be linked through a centralised bulletin board and, eventually, to conduct smaller meetings via the information superhighway instead of travelling into London.

“Every committee will be able to work 24-hours-a-day,” said Sayer of the proposed system. He said his scheme would cut time-wasting to the minimum and speed up the decision-making process.

He added that a major aim of the new system would be to put control of Law Society affairs back into the hands of council members.

Sayer contended software for setting up a council bulletin board system would cost as little as £64 per person.

One committee is already using a similar type of system, and the council-wide plan is backed by vice president Phillip Sycamore. It could be up and running by August if approved by other council members.