Litigation Writs 29/04/97

A young child who suffered a brain haemorrhage and other injuries after her mother was refused a blood test during pregnancy is suing for compensation. Bianca Von Stempel, is suing Hammersmith and Queen Charlotte's Special Health Authority and Hounslow and Spelthorne Health Authority, through her parents Alexander and Claire Von Stempel, for damages. The writ says Hammersmith and Queen Charlotte's Special Health Authority refused her mother's request for a serology test for maternal toxoplasmosis when she was 23 weeks pregnant. It is alleged that as a result of the failure to diagnose and treat her condition from April 1992 onwards, Bianca developed congenital toxoplasmosis.

Writ issued by Irwin Mitchell, Sheffield.

The personal representatives of a property owner who died have started a High Court action against his partners over his assets. Celia Cooper, of Christchurch, Dorset, and Jennifer Beattie, of London WC1, are suing Paul and Hilary Cooper, of London SW13. The writ says Eric Cooper, who died in November 1993, was a partner in a property owning business with Paul and Hilary Cooper, but that despite demands, his two surviving partners have failed to pay any sum representing the amount due to Mr Cooper when he died, and have failed to account to his personal representatives. Now Celia Cooper and Jennifer Beattie are seeking an account, interest, and an order that the amounts found due are paid, as well as further or other relief.

Writ issued by Henmans, Oxford.

A top company executive from Grantham has launched a High Court claim for more than £2m against his former bosses after being sacked from his £390,000-a-year job. John Abell of The Old Rectory, Branston-by-Belvoir, Grantham, is suing commercial refrigeration, specialist chemicals and engineering company, Suter, following his dismissal in October as its chairman and chief executive. He claims he was entitled to three years' notice, but says he was, in fact, given one day's.

Writ issued by Denton Hall, London EC4.

A Bury St Edmunds widow, Carol Turner, claims that her husband Anthony died in December 1994 after receiving allegedly negligent medical treatment and is suing Essex Rivers Healthcare NHS Trust.

Writ issued by Bankes Ashton, Bury St Edmunds.