If you want to head a goliath, be called David

The secret that has eluded lawyers for so long – that vital attribute that will help them make partner – has been revealed.

Forget commerciality or technical knowhow. Even social skills pale in comparison with the defining quality that is… being called David.

According to exclusive research for The Lawyer, David is the most popular partner name at the top 50 firms, accounting for just over 5 per cent of the 7,098 partners in the 44 firms in that group that are LLPs.

The second most popular male name is Andrew, followed by Michael, Richard and Simon, while the most popular female partner names in descending order are Sarah, Catherine, Susan, Helen and Elizabeth.

“If you want your child to become a lawyer, choose one of these names,” commented Derek Klyhn, partner and director at Møller PSF Group at the University of Cambridge, who led the research. He also said their predominance suggests elitism.

“They’re all pretty much traditional white, middle-class names,” he said.

But David Morley, senior partner at Allen & Overy, denied unfair advantage.

“I suspect it’s a function of age – David was a popular name when I was born in the 1950s,” he told The Lawyer.

The most popular names are as follows:

1 David
2 Andrew
3 Michael
4 Richard
5 Simon
6 John
7 Paul
8 Christopher
9 Mark
10 Peter

1 Sarah
2 Catherine
3 Susan
4 Helen
5 Elizabeth
6 Jane
7 Caroline
8 Anne
9 Alison
10 Nicola