Beachcroft dynamic duo retain top roles

Beachcroft managing partner Paul Murray has been elected to his post for a second five-year term following an uncontested election earlier this month.

Simon Hodson, the firm’s senior partner, has also been re-elected. Under their joint leadership Beachcroft has seen turnover rise by 46 per cent, from £89.7m during 2004-05 to £131m in 2009-10.

This rise has come hand-in-hand with the firm investing in the business, opening an office in Dublin and creating limited company ’B2 from Beachcroft’, which acquired Newport-based volume firm Kingslegal in May last year (The Lawyer, 5 May 2009).

Murray said: “We’ve steered a strategic path in the past five years, which has resulted in the firm showing sustainable growth, even in a downturn.”

The firm is now considering how best to integrate volume business B2 with the partnership structure.