Litigation Writs 27/9/99

An accountant who claims he was wrongly reprimanded by his professional body after his former girlfriend made a series of allegations about him is suing the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) for damages. Chartered accountant Raymond Stanbridge's claim says he was severely reprimanded and fined £5,000 after a hearing on 30 September 1996. He claims that the proceedings were unfair and oppressive, and that the investigating officer was biased against him. The proceedings followed accusations by his former secretary with whom he had been having an affair. After the affair broke down she is said to have made malicious and unfounded complaints about Stanbridge to the police, the Department of Trade and Industry, and other authorities. Although those complaints were not followed up, ACCA did follow up a complaint made to it. The claim says that many of the allegations were patently absurd and no reasonable tribunal could have found that they were substantiated. It says that the tribunal found allegations that Stanbridge had provided a firm of accountants with false information, failed to disclose a contingent liability, wrote unprofessional and inappropriate correspondence, and practised without a current certificate, proved. Stanbridge claims the proceedings were grossly unfair and in breach of the rules of natural justice and he suffered losses of around £500,000 as a result of lost custom and contracts.

Claim issued by Sandersons, Kingston upon Hull

Singer Natalie Jordan is at the centre of a pending High Court battle over unpaid recording studio fees. Recording studio owner, Marcus Music UK, claims that fees totalling £19,343 were unpaid after she used its studios at Wyfold Road, Fulham, London. Now it has issued a claim against Nigel Lowis, trading as Soul City Productions of Bromley, Kent, seeking payment of the fees. The claim says that Natalie Jordan (real name Rubenstein) took part in recording sessions at the studio between October last year and March this year and that the arrangement to hire the studios was entered into by Lowis.

Claim issued by Reynolds Porter Chamberlain, London WC

British Telecom faces a High Court action over allegations that it breached contract by sacking an employee and that it also libelled him. Gerald Nicholls of Croydon, who joined BT in 1970, seeks payment of a lump sum for his pension and damages for misleading statements of investment of his pension lump sum between 1980 and 1997. He also seeks damages for alleged breach of contract over his dismissal, and for an alleged breach of the terms and conditions of his employment dated 27 April 1970. The libel damages are claimed in respect of a letter headed "In Confidence" written on 31 July 1978, and published to the chairman of the appeal board for the London telephone region.

Claim issued by Nicholls in person