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Name and claim
You’ve got a grudge with the other side and you’re just not prepared to settle at any cost. The case is going to court and you want the toughest ­rottweilers fighting your corner. Who do you call? A law firm called Argument (http://argument.by/ index_en.php) of course – or at least you would if you were in Belarus.

The lawyers at Law Group Argument describe themselves on their website as “young and aggressive” as well as “a team that is making a name for itself in the marketplace”.

Well, who are we to argue?

In the US even presidential candidates have ­general counsel. And even those counsel have regularly updated blogs.

Bob Bauer, head of the public law group in the Washington DC office of Perkins Coie, is presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s chief lawyer for the election campaign. Showing amazing time management skills, Bauer still manages to update his blog (http://www.moresoft ­moneyhardlaw.com/) on a daily basis despite the frantic nature of this presidential campaign.

It doesn’t have much juicy gossip, but Bauer does manage to get the odd barb aimed at Obama’s adversary John McCain: “He argues that the very ‘fabric of ­democracy’ is about to be torn apart. Now as a ­Presidential candidate, he has turned unremittingly ‘negative’ on that process and the ‘purging’ he champions is that of ­voters. This is what the McCain reform legacy has come to – and where it will end.”

Oooh. Fans of DLA Piper will be disappointed, however, that there’s still no mention of Nigel Knowles.